Welcome to the website of the Grenada Authority for the Regulation of Financial Institutions or GARFIN, the regulatory authority for the non-bank financial sector in Grenada

The authority of GARFIN, which is an operationally independent statutory corporation, covers the financial sector in Grenada with the exception of commercial banks and securities business.

GARFIN is under the direction of a Board of Directors comprised of experienced professionals and is run on a day to day basis by an Executive Director and a management team.

With the creation of GARFIN in 2007, supervision of the non-bank financial sector was significantly strengthened, an essential element in ensuring the safety and soundness of this sector. It is expected that as GARFIN develops an effective supervisory regime, consumer confidence will accordingly increase to the benefit of all concerned.

Confidence and stability in the financial sector is critical for the development of the overall economy. This is of even greater importance in today's turbulent economic times and the role of GARFIN therefore becomes even more significant.

We trust that all users will find the website useful and informative and we invite you to visit it often since it will be kept updated with developments in the non-bank financial sector in Grenada.